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Auto Body Shop 30×70

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The Auto Body Shop can be used for any commercial or personal application. You can also fully customize this build to suit your needs. Contact a design specialist to get a custom quote or edit this building in our online 3D Builder below.

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The Auto Body Shop is a versatile building which can be used for any business. It can also be used for personal use. At 2100sqft it affords you plenty of room for vehicle lifts, tools, and office space.


30ft Wide x 70ft Long x 12ft Tall - (3) 10ft Wide x 10ft Tall Roll-Up Garage Door -(9) 24"x30" Windows - (2) Entry Doors - 14ga Tube Steel Framing - 29ga Sheet Metal Roofing and Siding - Concrete, Asphalt, Gravel or Dirt Anchoring Available


The Auto Body Shop building features a vertical style roof with vertical side and end walls with three 10x10 roll-up doors, nine windows, two entry doors and a 15x30 covered patio entrance.

Color Options

Choose from 15 different colors for roof, trim, main building and optional wainscot. Color options can be viewed by visiting the Building Options page in the upper menu or via this direct link: https://www.silverlinestructures.com/building-options/